Nottingham Breast Pathology Masterclass 2017

14 CPD Points

Day 1  – Wednesday 26th July 2017
Theme of the Day: Challenging Breast Lesions

Time Speaker Topic
08.30 ER/IOE Registration and coffee
08.55 Welcome
09.00 ALH Immunohistochemistry in breast pathology: when does it help? Applications and challenges
09.40 Discussion
09.45 CQ Challenging breast lesions: Spindle cell lesions
10.30 Coffee break
11.00 CQ, ALH, JT, IOE, ER Slide seminar1: view of the cases and Case discussion
12.00 SEP Proliferative breast lesions: Spectrum, diagnostic features and DD
12.45 Lunch
13.30 ER Challenging breast lesions: Papillary lesions
14.15 JT Challenging breast lesions: Fibroepithelial lesions
14.45 CQ, JT, SEP, ALH Slide seminar2: view of the cases and Case discussion
15.45 CQ Challenging breast lesions: Uncommon but tricky breast lesions
16.00 Coffee break
16.20 IOE Breast pathology EQA: Performance issues and digital application
17.00 IOE, SEP, CQ, JT, ER Meet the experts and discussion
17,40 Close
20.00 Course Dinner: University campus

Day 2 – Thursday 27th July 2017

Theme of the Day: Keys Issues of Clinical Relevance in Breast Pathology

Time Speaker Topic
08.30 Registration and Coffee
09.00 SEP, AS, CQ, ER Session 1 Keys Issues of Clinical Relevance in Breast Pathology*
10.30 Coffee Break
11.00 SEP, AS, CQ, IOE, JT, ER Slide seminar3: view of the cases and Case discussion
12.30 Lunch
13.20 SEP, AS, UK, IOE Session 2 Keys Issues of Clinical Relevance in Breast Pathology***
14.45 SEP, AS, CQ, IOE, ER Slide seminar 4: view of the cases and Case discussion
15.50 IOE An update on the molecular pathology of breast cancer
16.30 Close

Slide seminars: 5 hours in two days: Discussion of cases circulated as online material with likely differentials. Discussion of interesting cases with expert approach to diagnosis using microscope and a projection screen.

Day two

* Session1:

SEP -Breast specimens handling: Guidelines and approaches (20 minutes).

UK-What is important in handling post neoadjuvant therapy treated cases (specimen examination and reporting). What is the importance between complete pathological response and minimal residual disease in the breast, (ie do we need IHC? Does it make a difference? Which system should we use in routine practice)? (20 minutes)

CQ-Update on the staging of breast cancer (using TNM8, NPI…), staging multifocal, bilateral cancers and recurrent cancers, node positivity after neoadjuvant therapy (20 minutes).

AS– PLCIS, mass forming LCIS and LCIS with necrosis; diagnostic and management issues (20 minutes).

General discussion (10 minutes).


** Session2:

AS-Diagnostic challenges in breast Pathology (soft tissue lesions, vascular lesions, skin adnexal lesions and rare mammary lesions (20 minutes).

SEP-Dealing vacuum biopsy and vacuum excision of breast lesions (best practice Vs work load), also dealing with subsequent surgical specimen if no residual lesions present and dealing with the second line VAB regarding upgrade of atypia and reporting. B1 Vs B2 and use of B4 and B5c, An update on the management of B3 lesions (20 minutes).

UK-An update on tumour heterogeneity and tumour infiltrating lymphocytes (TILs) and dealing with sentinel nodes: what reporting pathologists need to know? (20 minutes).

IOE-Using Oncotype DX in the UK: An update (10 minutes).

Kita Williams: Labelling, Tracking & Archiving to Optimise Workflow & Patient Safety (10 minutes)

General discussion (10 minutes).

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