Bologna & Nottingham Breast Masterclass Programme 2017

Day 1 – Tuesday 6th June 2017

Theme of the Day: Challenging Breast Lesions

08.30 Registration and coffee
08.55 VE Welcome
09.10 ER IHC in breast pathology: Applications in the era of molecular tests.
09.45   Discussion
09.50 EP Invasive lobular carcinoma and its variants.
10.20   Discussion
10.25   Coffee break
10.55   Presentation of the Digital Pathology tool (10 minutes).

Slide seminar 1: View of the cases and case discussion.


12.00 MPF Challenging breast lesions: Tumours with myoepithelial phenotype and salivary gland-like features.
12.35   Discussion
12.40 VE When in situ is not in situ and vice versa.
13.10   Discussion
13.15   Lunch
14.10   Slide seminar 2: View of the cases and case discussion.
14.40 AS Neuroendocrine tumours of the breast.
15.05   Discussion
15.10 MPF Challenging breast lesions: Uncommon but tricky breast lesions.
15.25   Discussion
15.30 AS Challenging breast lesions: Male breast cancer.
15.50   Discussion
15.55   Coffee break
16.25 IOE Diagnostic pitfalls in breast pathology.
16.55   Discussion
17.00 VE Slide Seminar: Cases from Azzopardi’s collection and case discussion

Azzopardi’s collection is located in the Institute of Pathology of Bologna University and consists of over 3000 slides of breast lesions as well as 1500 slides of salivary gland and skin tumours.

17.40 Close

Day 2 – Wednesday 7th June 2017

Time Speaker Topic
08.30 Registration and coffee
8.45 IOE British breast pathology EQA: identification of diagnostic challenges.
09.05   Discussion
09.10 GS, EP, ER Session 1 Keys Issues of Clinical Relevance in Breast Pathology*.
10.50   Coffee Break
11.20   Slide seminar 3: View of the cases and case discussion.
12.30   Lunch
13.20 EP, IOE, MPF Session 2 Keys Issues of Clinical Relevance in Breast Pathology**.
15.00   Slide seminar 4: View of the cases and case discussion.
16.00 ER An update on the prognostic and predictive factors in breast cancer.
16.30 Close

AS: Anna Sapino; VE: Vincenzo Eusebi;
IOE: Ian Ellis;  EP: Elena Provenzano;
ER: Emad Rakha;  MPF: Maria Pia Foschini;
GS: Gianni Saguatti.

*Session 1

GS: Discussion of 4 cases with the relevant radiological findings (45 minutes).

EP: Breast cancer and pregnancy (20 minutes).

ER: New insights on fibro-epithelial lesions (20 minutes).

General discussion (15 minutes at the end).

**Session 2

EP: Markers evaluation on core biopsies for neoadjuvant therapy (15 minutes).

EP: Androgen receptor and the biomolecular profile of breast cancer (15 minutes).

IOE: The prognostic value of HER2+ (can it be a new category?) (15 minutes).

IOE: The concept of BRCAness and the role of pathologist on its evaluation (20 minutes) (20 minutes)

MPF: New insights on sentinel node evaluation (20 minutes).

Discussion (10 minutes at the end).

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