Prof Emad Rakha

Prof Emad Rakha

Professor Rakha is Professor of Breast Pathology and Consultant Pathologist at University of Nottingham and Nottingham University Hospitals Trust.

As Consultant Pathologist he has special interests in breast disease and holds joint responsibility for routine examination and reporting of screening related and symptomatic breast disease. He has developed a national and international consultation breast pathology referral practice in Nottingham with more than 350 referral cases per year.    

Prof Rakha is the co-chair of the UK External Quality Assurance (EQA) Scheme with Professor Ian Ellis. He is leading the digitisation of routine breast pathology service in Nottingham and remote reporting to other hospitals, including remote primary diagnosis reporting to Lincolnshire Hospitals.

The world-leading Breast Pathology Research Group (BPRG) is led by Professor Rakha. It has a national and international reputation for its research in diagnosis, classification of breast diseases, evaluation of clinical outcomes and understanding the mechanisms governing hormone response and cancer cells’ spread in breast cancer. The Nottingham Prognostic Index (NPI), developed by the group, is regarded across the world as the most effective system for clinical decision support in routine clinical management. It determines prognosis, following surgery, for breast cancer. ​

The research team works with significant grants and partners to pioneer the digitisation of breast pathology using artificial intelligence to develop diagnostic and prognostic tools. ​

From its beginning in the 1970s the group has generated research using over 600 biomarkers, achieved more than 700 publications in peer- reviewed journals, and several books and book chapters have been based on its research output.​

He has written the UK national HER2 guidelines and has contributed to other breast pathology national guidelines and textbooks including the WHO Blue Book. He regularly contributes to other breast pathology training courses worldwide and lectures at national and international courses and scientific meetings.

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